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Review: SENTON BOMBS – Mass Vendetta

SentonBombsAlbumThis is the first time I’ve listened to anything by this band. I must say that I found most of the tracks very catchy and the vocals reminded me very much of Motley Crue. This album has 11 tracks and most are of similar tempo where some lyrics are repetitive and will stick in your head. This is true for tracks such as Trailblazer, which has a very good intro. What I really liked about this track was the softer part which I think worked very well. Mainstream is very much on the same lines as the first and same with Train Wreck.

SentonBombsTWOut West, is much slower in pace and is the ballad of the album. All throughout the track, the drums beat out a rhythm that I found to be really catchy and enjoyed a lot. The vocals are very soft throughout the song. Up next is title track Mass Vendetta. This track along with the next one called 13 Days, continues in the same vein as most of the album; very 80’s Glam Rock, catchy tunes with simple lyrics that fans would find easy to remember and can sing along to.

Avalanche starts with a soft intro then breaks into a little heavier drumbeat and vocals. The next track, Pretty Tricky is again a catchy tune with easy repetitive lyrics. Wedlock Horns is much slower in pace than the rest of the album. Red Shield has an acoustic guitar intro with soft vocals, which then start to get louder throughout the song. To me this is the most different sounding track on the album and has political lyrics.


The last track on the album is called Apex. This starts with a good drumbeat and the instrumental part is very good, again with repetitive lyrics and a catchy tune.


 I did enjoy this album. I found it very lively and one you can sing along to. I think I appreciated it more because I’ve been brought up listening to the likes of Motley Crue. That’s my dad’s fault!!!!!!


I rate the album 8/10