Review: IMPAVIDUS – Eradication of Mankind

Track 1. ReprisalImpavidusEOMcover

What I really liked about this track is the introduction and the change in tone by the lead singer Michelle as her range is amazing. She goes from clean vocals to growly and you would think it was two different people singing. It was quite a long track though. Apart from that there was nothing I disliked about it.

Track 2. Lies

The lead singer is very good at changing from clean to growly vocals, which she does throughout this track. There are also good backing vocals with very quick paced music and drum beats. I loved this track and found it very exciting.


Track 3. Void.

The vocals again are excellent and you would never know it was a female singer unless you had heard of the band before. You would expect the vocals to be smooth but the vocalist wows people with her growling. What I really liked about this track is the crashing drum beats towards the end and I just wasn’t expecting the track to finish. Amazing!!!

Track 4. XII

The introduction is very spooky sounding until the vocals break into a growl. Michelle again shows her vocal talents in this track with softer vocals breaking into louder ones further into the track. I loved it. It makes you wonder what is going to happen next. Is it going to be soft or hit us with loudness.


Overall I loved this E.P. You kind of expect it to be short but sharp, but it shows that it can be longer and keep the sharpness. I just wanted to hear more tracks!!!!!!!!!!


I rate this E.P. 9.5/10




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