Interview with ‘Dead Of Night’


  1.  DoN albumYou have just released you 3rd studio album called ‘In Search of Ancient Magic’ which was released on the 24th February. What feedback have you got off your fans about your new album?


BRIONYThe album has only been ‘on the shelf’ for around for a few days (at the time of writing) … but having said that, we have already received some fantastic feedback, from fans and reviewers. What stands out from the comments is “how much you have grown and evolved as a band”, we are constantly challenging ourselves and pushing to do the very best we can, hearing that people have noticed feels great, it really does!


DAN Well, it is early days yet as we have only just released it, but what we have had back so far is good, and has all been positive from the fans and the reviews.


  1. How was album launch gig? Did you get a good crowd?


BRIONYBeing an ‘up and coming’ originals band comes with its difficulties, people often want to sing along to a good tune on an evening out, which can be hard when people haven’t heard our songs before! We had our regular, (and bloody awesome), group of fans who always sing along, but the new people are the ones you want to leave an impression on. Gladly, we saw a lot of new faces who looked on in wonder as we played through the sets… people tend to do a lot of wondrous staring/casual head bobbing when they first come to see us, I guess they are taking all of the spectacle in and digesting it song by song! The crowd were very receptive and eager to see us play again in the future after the show, which was great!!


DANThe album launch gig was great and so much fun! During the rehearsals for it we just couldn’t wait for the gig to hurry up so we could finally show all the hard work we had put into the album, and finally let the people hear it. As for the crowd, they were great! There were old and new people who came to watch and hear us and we definitely gained some new fans.


  1. You describe yourself as a Symphonic Metal Band. As a band , who are your main influences?


CARLWell, not who you might imagine! I grew up listening to melodic bands like ELO and Supertramp. And, because I am originally a keyboard player, I really enjoyed the likes of Rick Wakeman, Vangelis and Tomita. I can’t say I listen to much symphonic metal which is a good thing really as it means I’m not trying to conform to a style when I’m writing songs.



  1. When did you form and how did you all meet?


CARLI originally started Dead of Night in 2013. I had started writing songs and got in touch with an ex-student of mine, Courtney, who was a grade 8 singer. We added a guitarist and completed our first album in 2014. After the album they moved on and I spent quite a while looking for another singer until I finally came across Briony on Bandmix. Later, she introduced Dan to the band and we subsequently added Jason, again from Bandmix. When I decided to move from keyboards to drums for the live shows, my wife Isabel took over on keyboards.


  1. Since some of you live in Manchester and some in Morecambe, how often do you guys get to meet up and practice?


BRIONYWe keep in constant contact with each other via group chats, phone calls, and sometimes a skype session! We tend to have a run of rehearsals before a gig, usually 4 on consecutive weekends leading up to the gig, that gives us time as a band, and time on our own during the week to work on things! It works, because we make it work!


DANEven though we don’t live in the same area, we do get to see each other and meet up a lot. Before a gig, we tend to meet up and practise as many weekends leading up to it as possible.


  1. What process do you go through for writing your music? Do you all participate in the process or is there one main contributor?


CARLSo far I’ve written all the music with the others bending it around a bit! I’m a control freak so I also produce and mix the studio sessions and am involved in the final mastering stage. For the next album I’m trying to encourage a bit more band input and we have a shared folder on the net where they can drop ideas in for me to have a play around with. I don’t think I could sit and write with someone else though as it’s a really personal process for me.

 DoN band

  1. Up to date, what has been your favourite venue to play at and have you had any nightmare experiences?


BRIONYI would have to say the first gig I had with the band, which was at ‘The Railway’ in Bolton (which has now been cruelly turned into one of those fancy gastro eatery things……..). The venue was intimate, very well set up, and had that ‘dingy rock club’ feel, without smelling like sick/damp socks. I have always been a fan of intimate venues, as a crowd member I love feeling like I’m part of the action, it’s the same on stage, I just wanna mosh with everyone!! This gig obviously meant a lot with it being the first live gig for myself AND the band. Previous to this, DoN were a studio band, so this gig was kind of a deal breaker in some ways! It was an amazing experience, one I will never forget, and thankfully… it went well, because here we are now releasing our 3rd studio album!!! (internal screams of joy)

So far, we haven’t had any disasters on stage, we have had some veeeeery questionable rented rehearsal spaces though, I’m not going to name them… but man, some places are just rough!


  1. Apart from your new album release, what else have you got planned for the rest of the year?


BRIONYWe have some awesome festivals/gigs lined up for the first part of 2017, ‘Northern Symphony Festival’, ‘Quinphonic Festival 4’, ‘Bloodstock Metal 2 the Masses’ and ‘A Splendid Day Out’ Steampunk Festival. Alongside rehearsals we are also aiming to produce a music video this year, and we bring some tech specialities to our gigs in the form of backdrops, which as a band we all help to create! I will no doubt create another costume piece, and Dan might remember to turn on his guitar fret lights at our next gig ;)!! We are busy celebrating the release of our latest album by working on some new music, nothing ever stops at DoN, I swear we do sleep, sometimes!


DANWell we have a few gigs lined up already, and a couple of them we really can’t wait to play, like ‘Northern Symphony Festival’, ‘Quinphonic Festival 4’ and ‘A Splendid Day Out’ Festival. We also have new merchandise to plan and sort out, and can’t say too much, but we are putting our heads together for some more new music.


  1. I have always found that there is normally a joker in every band; do you have a joker in yours and what is the worst thing they have done?


BRIONYWe all have our own ways of entertaining the band, we always have a laugh at rehearsals, and when we get together on group chats (endless, endless whimsical gifs)!! As of late, Dan has brought an accidental hilarity to rehearsals, being an ex-professional dancer he can’t help but spin (in a pirouette manner) during songs, thanks to his new shiny wireless system… it absolutely cracks me up every time! Dan and Jason now sit down in one of our ballads (Other Side of the Rain), which started out as a ‘Westlife gag’… unfortunately the song doesn’t have a key change where they can rise from their seats in dramatic, Westlife style… maybe we should stop doing this???!!!


  1. What advice would you give to people of my generation who may want to form their own band in the future?


BRIONYWithout doubt, you absolutely have to ADORE what you are doing! Every ounce of your creative soul goes into a band, so it has to be worthwhile pouring out, if you don’t love what you are doing, why are you even doing it?? As a band, give everything you can possibly give and go the extra mile, people notice that! It’s the little extra things that you do that people remember! BE DIFFERENT! In a world of 10,000,000,000 genres and sub-genres it is so easy to conform to whatever ‘style’, ‘scene’ or ‘genre’ you fall into, don’t try to be like someone else that you like, take inspiration from them and turn that inspiration into your own thing. As an artist, craft and perfect your own art, whatever that may be, equally, ALWAYS be willing to learn from others, you might be surprised how someone can inspire you in so many different ways. GO AND SEE BANDS, LOADS OF THEM!! Watch how they perform, what tricks do they use? How do they interact with the audience? What is different about them? Learn from what they do and tailor this into your own performance/artistry. HAVE FUN! At the end of the day, this is what it all about, graft hard, rehearse even harder, then go out and just enjoy it! J


CARLYou’ll never sound more like your favourite band than your favourite band does! Let yourself soak up influences but then run with them and do your own thing. Stamp your personal mark on your music and write authentically and from the heart.


  1. Where can people buy your albums from?

BRIONYYou can purchase our latest album ‘In Search of Ancient Magic’, and our remastered debut album ‘The Dead Shall Rise Again’ at: (band website) (band store)

You can also download both of our albums at


Google Play








Interview by:

Jovi Hacker


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