REVIEW: Bad Llama – Shedding Skin (ep)


Bad Llama – Shedding Skin E.P


Track 1 – The Healer.

Sounds like sound effects are used at the start of the track to make a mysterious opening. It’s quite mellow; good opening track to the E.P.


Track 2 – The Wolf You Feed

This is a bit more rocky than the first track. A quite catchy song, with a bit of growling going on at times.


Track 3 -Paint In Sound

A mid tempo rock track with hints of indie. I can imagine people dancing to this track.


Track 4 – Ten Years Time.

There is a ballad feel to this song. The singer has a lot of emotion in his voice. A nice track to chill out to.


Overall this is a good E.P. It would be good to just sit and chill out to.

I will give it 7/10.

I would recommend it to fans of Biffy Clyro.


Bad Llama – ‘The Wolf You Feed’ (Official Music Video)

Review by:

Jovi Hacker (12)


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