REVIEW: God Shaped Devil – Creator of Sodom (ep)




Track 1: Lobotomy

The EP starts off with an instrumental track, which features a cool repeated riff.


Track 2: Continuum

The intro leads into shouty vocals. A good mixture of clean and shouty vocals. It has cool guitar riffs and pounding drums throughout the track. A great song to headbang to.


Track 3: Creator of Sodom

The title track of the EP. Again heavy guitars and pounding drums. A very catchy chorus. It’s quite easy to imagine the crowd singing along because of the simple catchy words.


Track 4: Rage inside

A track similar to the previous tracks, but with more clean vocals. I like the guitar solo in this one. A very bouncy track that will get you moving.


Track 5: Pray for Death

Great drum beat that gets you nodding along. Some nice changes of feel, from clean to growl then back to clean. Another really good guitar solo in this song. Nice gentle outro.


Released: 6th November 2015

For fans of Pantera

Self released EP.

Rated 8.5 / 10

Reviewed by:

Jovi Hacker (12)

GOD SHAPED DEVIL – Creator Of Sodom



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