Nycosia – Pariah (EP)


Nycosia –  ‘Pariah’ (EP)

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Nycosia are a 4-piece Tech Metal band from the Hereford area.  They have been around since around the start of 2015, I believe, albeit in 2 different guises.  However, there isn’t much to go on before the addition of frontman Adam Barkley, so that is where we will pick up the progress of this band and their forthcoming debut EP – ‘Pariah’


In between exams and school and all that sort of stuff that gets in the way of being a metal god, Nycosia have been busy carving themselves a path through the underground scene, most noticeably through the South West of England.  Having played a Metal to Masses event and shows in Bristol, Gloucester and Worcester, they have ventured out recently and even played in my hometown, Bolton.

Sometimes, just sometimes, a band with members as young struggle to show the maturity in their music that will get them noticed.  Not so with Nycosia.  The level of talent on display through the debut EP should be taken notice of by those in the industry that can move a band forward.

From the outset Nycosia stick to their promise of heavy riffs.  Their sound is of a groove laden, technically proficient wrecking ball. Just listening to the short intro ‘Desert Winds’, the EP’s first track, primed my eardrums for the rude awakening I was about to receive.  The muted riffs coming from Billy Kimble’s guitar are furious, technically complex and absolutely infectious.  Couple that with the huge performance from skin man Noah Plant to add the thunder to the ensuing storm.

Track 2, ‘Blind Sight’, picks up the EP proper and I’m struggling to get through the rest of the tracks, I keep coming back to this one.  There’s dark and light all over the track.  Pleasant, ambient guitar leads in to a progressive, technically beautiful track.  The layers are incredible.  Atmosphere is light in the far off background, sinister riffs in time with deep blasts from the rhythm section make up the foreground, and a blend of frenzied wails and demonic growls harmonise in places and duel in others to give an astonishingly good vocal performance.  The groove crammed into each track solidifies this EP as one of the most engrossing releases I’ve heard in a long time.

Eventually, I peel myself away from the last track and move on to ‘Mind of a Hermit’.   A distorted, industrial feel to the opening sequence that mimics the lead riff when the intro ends and the song springs into life.  This track is a delectable, progressive tune with straightforward, hammering riffs entwined with complex sequences from both the guitars and the drums.  The vocal brings in a harsh texture to add an edge of despair.  The last 20 seconds of the track wound me up into a frenzied head bang, gritted teeth and all.

The next song, ‘Miscommunication’, is the debut single released by the band ahead of the EP launch. Already it is receiving a strong response so I can imagine the track ‘Blind Sight’ going down extremely well as I feel it is the best one.  This song, however, I feel will be easier to digest for those that are a bit scared of the progressive elements of the other songs.  The focus is a bit more straightforward, still technically brilliant, but maybe appealing to a wider audience.  The vocal has a different texture in the latter part of the track, a bit less frenzied.  There’s a massive groove line in the last minute that proves my suspicion that Nycosia know how to end a track dramatically.

As it happens they also know how to end an EP as well.  The final track, ‘Asylum Song’, probably displays all of the bands credentials in one song.  I haven’t mentioned the bass man yet, he’s been there in the background doing what he should be, keeping it all together.  He pokes through for a spell on this track and it’s clear that Theo Beech doesn’t just stand there twanging a few strings.   There’s some real flair in his playing to match the incredible variety in each song.  The drummer also impresses me on this song.  Taking centre stage with some killer blasts that sound crisp and sinister.

In an age where most of our kids with any resemblance of talent are being blindly led by the pied piper of X Factories, it’s heart-warming to hear a bunch of lads with raw, natural talent, not manufactured and pampered within an inch of their butt-wiped careers but working hard and producing music of a quality that belies their ages.  This is the current sound of Metal and this young band have harnessed their collective talents on an EP of epic quality.  If they don’t start playing good sized festivals in the short to medium term then I will eat my very old, sweaty hat.

A hard hitting, groove layered, technical triumph.  Take a long, deserved bow lads.

Nycosia band

Release Date: 25th February, 2016

Written by Paul Belcher


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