PLAYLIST: 24/07/2015

Click on the band name to open a hyperlink to their page or website.

Act Of Defiance –  Refrain And Re-fracture

Lamb Of God – 512

Children Of Bodom – Morrigan

Acid Reign – Plan Of The Damned

Mordred – The Baroness

Interview with The Raven Age @ SOS Fest 2015

The Raven Age – Eye Among The Blind

Garagedays – Road To Madness

Dyorlich – Money For Bullets

Unleash The Archers – Test Your Metal

RISE OF THE PHOENIX: Amon Amarth – Aerials (System of a Down cover)

Devil City Angels – Boneyard

Ghost – From The Pinnacle To The Pit

Audiotopsy – Headshot

Rivers Of Nihil – Monarchy

Interview with Sansara @ SOS Fest 2015

Sansara – Stronger

Triaxis – Ministry Of Truth

Queensryche – Arrow Of Time

Reign Of Fury – Hypnotise The Masses



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