Monthly Archives: April 2015

Playlist 03/04/15

Empire of Evil – Demone

In Some Wild Universe – Absolva

Madhouse – Anthrax

Surf Squid Warfare – Alestorm

Redemption Blues – Audrey Horne

We Stand Strong – Trucker Diablo

Finest Hour – Black Star Riders

Will To Give – Threshold

Set The World Alight – Sertaline

Amen – Halestorm

Bad Blood – Defy All Reason

RISE OF THE PHOENIX: Phantom Of The Opera – Nightwish

Season’s End – Kill Or Cure

Victorious – Triaxis

Eradicate Mankind – Hirax

Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me – Devilment

The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe – Gojira

The Quick Of The Damned – Blind Haze

All Is Lost – Reign Of Fury

Call For War – My Wooden Pillow

Cowboys From Hell – Pantera


Lordi Review

Peter Jones recently went over to watch Lordi plus support over at the Lemon Tree in Exeter.