Monthly Archives: September 2014

Playlist 26/09/14

Whitesnake – Still of the Night

Whitesnake – Children of the Night

Killing For Company – Saved

Life Of Agony – Lost At 22

Fantasist – RED

The Goddam Electric interview

The Goddam Electric – Scarecrow

Korpiklanni – Off To The Hunt

Tankard – R. I. B. (Rest In Beer)

Ryker’s – End Of Line

Royal Blood – Little Monster

Swashbuckle – Attack!!!!

RISE: SIN-atra – Strangers In The Night

Tool – Schism

The Graveyard – Slow Motion Countdown

King Of Asgard – The Runes Of Hel

I Am I – In The Air Tonight

Die No More interview

Die No More – Soul Destroyer

Threshold – Watchtower On The Moon

Fear Factory – Controlled Explosion

Alestorm – Buckfast Powersmash

Scar Symmetry – Neohuman


PLAYLIST: 12/09/2014 (Hindbeast & the Tortured One!)

Rammstein – Feuer Frei

Pitchshifter – Genius

Slipknot – Disasterpiece

Counting Days – This Life In Black

Obey The Brave – Raise Your Voice

King 810 – Treading and Trodden

Skarlett Riot – Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen

Soil – ReDefine

Taking Dawn – Save Me

Chimaira – Time Is Running Out

RISE OF THE PHOENIX – Dragonforce – Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash cover)

Killer Be Killed – I.E.D.

Architects – Colony Collapse

In Hearts Wake – Earth Walker

Die No More – Soul Destroyer

Belphegor – Legions of Destruction

Suffocation – Eminent Wrath

Vader – Hexenkessel – The Prophecy – Released