Monthly Archives: July 2014

Playlist 25/07/14

Blue Pills – High Class Woman

Absolva – Soul Remains

Triaxis – Sker Point

Iced Earth – Burnt Offerings

Amethyst Interview @ Sos Festival 2014, Bury

Body Count – Back To Rehab

American Hi-Fi – Golden State

Otherwise – Darker Side Of The Moon

Calling All Cars – Standing In The Ocean

RISE: Massive – If You Want Blood (You got It) (AC/DC)

Mastodon – Motherload

The Idol Dead Interview Pt.1 @ Sos Festival, Bury

The Amity Affliction – Don’t Lean On Me

California Breed – Scars

Skindred – The Kids Are Right Now

The Idol Dead Interview Pt. 2 @ Sos Festival, Bury

The Idol Dead – Travelling Man

Vader – Triumph Of Death


Playlist 11/07/14

The Idol Dead Feat. Clare Cameron – I’m Drowning

Asylum City Zoo – Crawl

Lord Volture – Taklamakan

Captain Horizon – Shell

Incassum – Cut Loose

Monument – Crusaders

Savage Messiah – The Fateful Dark

Absolva – Code Red

RISE: Savage Messiah – Be Quick Or Dead (Iron Maiden)

Skam – Dead From The Waist Down

Fahran – I Heard A Joke Once

Wizz Wizzard – Tears From The Moon

Black Balled – Broke My Back

Triaxis – Black Trinity

Tyson Dog – Demon

I Am I – Silent Genocide

Absolva – Never Back Down

Nightvision – So Many Lies