Monthly Archives: June 2014

Playlist 27/06/14

God Forced – Protafield

Fiskarens Fiende – Finntroll

Arms & The Covenant – Collapse

Drown – Breed 77

Gang Of One – Die So Fluid

Rock Is Dead – Marilyn Manson

You Will Know My Name – Arch Enemy

Corpse Bride – Sinnergod

Erased – Paradise Lost

Ill Begotten Means – Enemo J

Pyschoville – Revoker

Six Feet Under The Gun – Savage Messiah

RISE: Unforgiven – The Defiled (Metallica)

Heart Of Soul – The Cult

The Twisted Nails Of Faith – Cradle Of Filth

Coma America – Amen

Leave You In Dirt – Soldierfield

Enemy Of Logic – No Consequence

Rock N Roll Queen – Skarlett Riot

Sanctorum – Rise Of The Underground

Splinter – Beholder

Retribution – Malefice

Allegiance – Seven Deadly

Commando – Satyricon


Playlist 20/06/14

Pop Evil – Trenches

Mastodon – High Road

Ashes Of Ares – Dead Man’s Plight

Linkin Park – War

Black Spiders – Balls

Uriah Heep – The Speed Of Sound

Red Dragon Cartel – Feeder

Sabaton – Resist And Bite

Battle Beast – Into The Heart Of Danger

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Five Finger Death Punch – Cradle To The Grave

Pennywise – Violence Never Ending

Dave Hause – Same Disease

Equilibrium – Karawane

Venomous Maximus – Moon Child

Viza – Midnight Hour

Skindred – The Kids Are Right Now

Gary Numan – I Am Dust

Grand Magus – Silver Moon

Gloryhammer – Angus McFife

Tesseract – Singularity

Playlist 13/06/14

Evile – Cult

Roy Bright Interview (Exit State)

Exit State – Bad Days

Exit State – Die Zombie

Attica Rage – Technofear

Sabaton – Night Witches

Killer Be Killed – Of Feather And Wax

Arch Enemy – You Will Know My Name

Lacuna Coil – To The Edge

RISE: Deadlock – Small Town Boy (Bronski Beat)

Absolva – Never Back Down

Babylon Fire – I Still Remember

Triaxis – Black Trinity

Solderfield – Leave You In Dirt

Clutch – Electric Worry

Trucker Diablo – Maybe You’re The One

Playlist 06/06/14

Iron Mask – Nosferatu

Sabaton – To Hell And Back

Down – Levitation

Rage – In Union

Killer Be Killed – Save The Robots

Process – Human Sacrifice

Deep In Hate – New Republic

Architects – Gravedigger

No Consequence – Enemies Of Logic

Monuments – Atlas

RISE: Savage Messiah – Of Wolf And Man (Metallica)

Leaves Eyes – Sirgrlinn

Arch Enemy – You Will Know My Name

Fozzy – Lights Go Out

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Wir

Hanging Doll – Carnival Of Sin

Incassum – History Repeats

Babylon Fire – Shattered Crown

Triaxis – Sker Point

Asylum City Zoo – Circus Of Souls