Playlist 31/01/14

The Unguided – Inception

                            – Defector DCXVI

Beneath Dead Waves – Nemacyst

Tried For Treason – Weight Of Words

Hell City – Ice Cold Rage

Chrome Division – Infernal Rock Eternal

Tad Morose – Timeless Dreaming

Hospital Of Death – I Am The Tiger

Trucker Diablo – Maybe You’re The One

Legion Of The Damned – Morbid Death

Van Canto – Badaboom

Evile – Head Of The Demon

Hypocrisy – Suffering Souls

Savage Messiah – Hellblazer

The Defiled – No Place Like Home

We Came As Romans – Tracing Back Roots

Glass Cloud – If He Dies, He Dies

Skindred – Kill The Power

                  – Ninja

Carcass – Unfit For Human Consumption

Iced Earth – Dystopia (live)

Extol – Wastelands

Dragonland – Under The Grey Banner A Thousand Towers White

Lifescreen – PRNTRPNK

Shadowside – Inner Monster Out

Bigelf – The Evils Of Rock & Roll

Red Dancers Cometh – Wild

Melted Space – Welcome To This World


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