Playlist 27/12/13

Powerwolf – Amen & Attack

Scorpion Child – Liquor

Scar The Martyr – My Retribution

Soulfly – Cannibal Holocaust

The Defiled – Saints & Sinners

Lingua Mortis Orchestra – Scapegoat

Extol – Behold The Sun

The Browning – Fifth Kind

Devildriver – Winter Kills

Clutch – D.C. Sound Attack

Soldierfield – Leave You In Dirt

Asylum City Zoo – Crawl

Sabaton – Carolus Rex

Pteroglyph – The Great Unseen Parts 1&2

Narcotic Death – The Butcher & The Scribe

Promethium – The Art Of Hurting

Carcass – Captive Bolt Pistol

Trucker Diablo – Drive

TRC – We Bring War

Crossfaith – Eclipse

Hypocrisy – Tales Of Thy Spineless

Immolation – Kindom Of Conspiracy

I AM I – This Is My Life

Hostile – Fueled By Hate

Hatebreed – Dead Man Breathing

Exit State – Sun In My Eyes


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