Monthly Archives: November 2013

Playlist 29/11/13

Amaranthe – The Nexus

Nya – Better Off This Way

Otagos – Fall Out

Hail Of Bullets – The Desert Fox

Tried For Treason – Weight Of Words

American Head Charge interview Part 1 + Just So You Know

TYR – The Lay Of Our Love

Hell – Darkhangel

RISE: As I Lay Dying – War Ensemble (Slayer)

Kill Division – Distorted Reality

The Browning – Hypernova

Rammstein – Mein Teil

Skindred – Kill The Power

American Head Charge interview + Writhe

Rivers Of Nihil – Mechanical Trees

Nightwish – Fantasmic


Playlist: 22/11/2013

Chemicals of Democracy – Enemy

Carcass – Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System

Amon Amarth – We Shall Destroy

Asylum City Zoo – Crawl

Metallica – Creeping Death

Russkaja – Barada

P.O.D. – Alive

The Omega Experiment – Furor

Exit State – Die Zombie

Fury UK – Manslaughter

RISE OF THE PHOENIX: Xentrix – Ghostbusters

Helloween – Future World

Raven – Roll With The Punches

Girlschool – C’mon Let’s Go

Triaxis – Aurora

Scar The Martyr – My Retribution

Hell – Darkhangel

Anthrax – Madhouse

Drowning Pool – Bodies

Promethium – The Art Of Hurting

Saxon – Dallas 1pm

Playlist 15/11/13

Linkin Park – Castle Of Glass (Mike Shinoda Remix)

Five Finger Death Punch – Battleborn

Avenged Sevenfold – Shepard Of Fire

The Temperance Movement – Midnight Black

Pellek – Superheroes

Exit State – This Part Of Me

Red Dragon Cartel – Shout It Out

Royal Hunt – Hell Come Down From Heaven

Hell – The Age Of Nefarious

Papa Roach – Silence Of The Enemy

RISE: Rain – Times Like These

Vintage Caravan – Expand Your Mind

Psychostick – Obey The Beard

Bomb Bus – Enter The Night

Muse – Hysteria (live)

Rush – Tom Sawyer (live)

Epica – Twin Flames (live)

Benedictum – Obey

Trivium – Brave The Storm

Rammstein – Pussy

Black Spiders – Kiss Tried To Kill Me

Kiss – All For The Glory

Playlist 08/11/2013

Otep – T.R.I.C.

Extol – Behold The Sun

Scar The Martyr – Blood Host

Psychostick – Obey The Beard

Pteroglyph – The Great Unseen (pt:II)

The Manic Shine – (S)WORDS

Negura Bunget – Dacia Hiperboreana

Katatonia – Criminals

RISE OF THE PHOENIX – Exodus – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Prometheum – The Art Of Hurting

Reign Of Fury – Infernal Conflict

Grieve –Aeon

Hell – The age Of Nefarious

Hail Of Bullets – Swoop Of The Falcon

Bludger – Ghost Of Your Father

Artillery – God Feather

Kill Division – Distorted Reality

Spider Rockets – Going Down