Playlist: 29/03/2013

Hypocrisy – When Death Calls

Free Fall – Damnation

Chemicals Of Democracy – Judas

Exit State – Pull The Thread

Fantasist – Grim Fandango

Neuronspoiler – Through Hell We March

Sadako – Akaname

Monuments – Regenerate

Collapse – Arms And The Covenant

RISE OF THE PHOENIX #1: The Wildhearts – Battleship Chains (Georgia Satellites)

RISE OF THE PHOENIX #2: Anthrax – Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy)

A Thousand Enemies – Valve

Trucker Diablo – Drive

Lost Society – Fast Loud Deaf

Thy Art Is Murder – Shadow Of Eternal

Heaven’s Basement – The Long Goodbye

Shear – In Solitude

Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction – Backseat Education

Kill Hannah – Lips Like Morphine

Breed 77 – Bring On The Rain


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