I first came across this band whilst scanning though the Metal Ashes of Phoenix radio show’s email inbox looking for new bands and new music that various record labels and PR’s send us. The surprise I got when I heard Power & Volume on the Nuclear Blast label mailshot was immense! I was expecting some of the hard-hitting metal that they often purvey, but instead I found myself shaking my imaginary hair in a virtual windmill whilst firing off some blistering air-guitar solos in accompaniment to a powerful and infectious track of classic rock influence, in particular UFO with a Bon Scott-esque vocal. I needed more!! Then came World Domination; with a tempo less frenetic than Power and Volume and an introduction that has AC/DC written all over it, it had me moving within seconds and cranking up the volume to annoy the neighbours. Plus, it received a favourable response after airplay on the show. And, I still needed more!! After much pleading and cajoling, and no few tears, (not really – this is just for effect,  (-;  ), I managed to get hold of the entire album. I was like the proverbial kid in the sweet shop.        

         This is an album of exceptional construction and passion that will appeal to lovers of the heavy rock and classic rock genres, (if you subscribe to the idea of the genre), and gives us the pause for thought along the lines of “this sounds like” and “where were they thirty or forty years ago”. This is not to say that Free Fall are trying to resurrect a sound long diminished in this era of extremes, more like a salute to those who brought forth the embryo of what we listen to in this day and age. Listen to the album and you can easily hear the influences of The Stooges, The Who, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, some early Van Halen, a bit of Judas Priest, and I think there may be a little bit of the Scorpions thrown in as well.

      I often do a track-by-track review, and bore the ass off you with all the superlatives I could muster. This time, I just can’t do it to you with all that crap. This is an album of ten great songs! Every single one of them has something different to offer the listener; be it screaming guitar solos, thunder-like drumming, boogie-along basslines, throaty vocals, catchy sing-along choruses, or just toe-tapping, head-banging heavy rock and roll! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself!) And, I’m already pencilling this in as one of my top ten albums of the year as I believe it is that good! If I had to pick a favourite, Atilla would just about sneak it over World Domination. You can feel the passion and emotion that has gone into the making of this album; it is palpable through every note and every word. The only negative I have for Power & Volume is that ten tracks aren’t enough! I want more!



  • Mattias Barjed – Guitars
  • Jan Martens – Bass
  • Ludwig Dahlberg _ Drums
  • Kim Fransson – Vocals

Power & Volume is set to be released on February 25th 2013 via Nuclear Blast, as a limited CD version incl. 2 bonus tracks, a black 2LP version with poster and limited edition Red and Gold LP’s plus a bonus 7” with poster. You can check out debut single Power & Volume by following this link:  Free Fall – Power And Volume 


For further information, go to: |


James McPhillips

12thFebuary, 2013


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