Dear almighty metallers! All hail a new arrival! Manchester based rockers BABYLON FIRE are set to release their first full length album “Dark Horizons” on November 12 through Rocksector Records. After half a decade of gigging, an EP (The Days The Angels Died), and the departure of guitarist Will Reece, we now find Mark Dunford (vocals), Rishi Mehta (guitar), Ryk Swillo (bass) and Mark Cooper (drums) have now created an album which is more than just for sweaty teens to run around in a mosh pit to. Real heavy metallers can happily head bang to this liking what they hear. Bullet for My Valentine plus Iron Maiden plus Machine Head plus Mancunian accents equals Babylon Fire.

BABYLON FIRE have already proved themselves to be worthy as they have been supporting the likes of Orange Goblin, Beholder and Fury UK as well as Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson promoting the band on his BBC6 show. Bruce certainly knows what he’s on about!

Unlike a lot of heavy metal bands, the majority of songs on Dark Horizons show a new side, a new sound, and new skill of the band. The fusion of the guitar riffs with the funky bass and the unique drum beats creates a perfect foundation for Mark Dunford to showcase his intensely strong vocals.

Opening track, The Clarion Call, is full of anger with the lyric ‘nothing is ever just quite what it seems’.  The 47 second guitar solo from Rishi Mehta is rather impressive making The Clarion Call one to listen to and appreciate. My personal favourite, Darkness Draws Me In, can’t help but remind me of a track that you’d hear on Burnout Revenge when playing in Road Rage mode. It is packed with adrenaline and fear. They’re all the components you need when in a heavy metal band. At the start, the suspense from the drum beat by Mark Cooper creates tension ready for it to erupt. The tempo backs off a little for track 4, Stripped Away, and you can tell from the first 4 bars that this is gonna be epic. Hence the name of the song, they do actually strip away the virtuosic skill for a section in the middle and it goes all Avenged Sevenfold. Shattered Crown is another great tune! If you don’t tap your foot to this I’ll just assume your feet have been nailed to the floor. Gates To Oblivion is a nice little psychological acoustic instrumental that breaks off from the fast-paced forceful BABYLON FIRE we’re used to and yet it is still full of the same skill. Within The Mouth Of Madness is the heaviest track on the album, making it a great song. I Still Remember makes you want to unleash your inner rocker and is a superb number to conclude the supreme Dark Horizons.

BABYLON FIRE seem as though they were raised 80’s metal and fed on steel. Combine the two and a real modern heavy metal band is formulated. Although some of the songs have similarities, none of the power and passion is lost in any of them. The BABYLON FIRE boys have made quite a solid impact with their debut demonstrating that they will be on the scene for a long time to come.

Dark Horizons is released on November 12th, with the official album launch party at NQ Live, (formerly Moho Live), in Manchester on November 17th. Opening the evening will be Damagescape, with sets from I.C.O.N and Derision before BABYLON FIRE take the stage. Tickets are priced at £6 and are available from the venue, Ticketline, and directly from the band. Get yourselves to the show and support live music, and buy this album as well! You will not be disappointed.



Jessica Clifford

November 2012


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