Monthly Archives: September 2012

Radio Playlist 28/09/12

Ravenface – The Lucky Ones

Slipknot – Psychosocial

Iron Maiden -The Evil That Men Do

Rammstein – Amerika

Pteroglyph – Earth

Canaya – Grindstein

Chthonic Interview & Broken Jade

Process – Fatality

RISE: Iced Earth – Number Of The Beast (Iron Maiden)

Sister – Werewolves on Blackstreet

Anthropomorphia – Psuchagogia

Coldworker – Flesh World

Outcast – Man’s Last Failure

Headcharger interview & Fires Of Hell

The 69 Eyes – Love Runs Away

Soma Dark – Resolute

Babylon Fire – Shattered Crown


Playlist 21/09/12

The Price of a Mile – Sabaton

Raise Your Fist – Doro

City of Shadows – Aonia

Darkness Draws Me In – Babylon Fire

Space To Breathe – Incassum

Psychosocial (live) – Slipknot

Engel (live) – Rammestein

Fear of the Dark (live) – Iron Maiden

Zero Signal – Fear Factory

The Heretic – Beholder

Nuclear Family – Green Day

Gone Sovereign – Stone Sour

I Still Remember – Babylon Fire

Suicide Messiah – Black Label Society

Booze, Broads, Beelzebub – Chrome Division

Hellion/Electric Eye – Judas Priest 

Playlist 14/09/12

Iron Maiden – These Colours Don’t Run

Threshold – A Tension Of Souls
                 Siege Of Baghdad
                 Don’t Look Down

Skarlett Riot Interview + Villain

Something OLD: Rammstein – Buck Dich
Something NEW: Peter Dolving – Song For You
Something BORROWED: Earthtone 9 – Wolverine Blues
Something BLUE: Volksmetal – Bayer

Triaxis – Black Trinity

Chimp Spanner – Harvey Wallbanger

Pteroglyph – Emerge

Sadako – Change My Fate

Max Pie interview + A Soldier’s Dead

Eskimo Party – Follow Your Instincts

Hellyeah – Band Of Brothers