Monthly Archives: April 2012

Playlist 20/04/2012

Stuart Bowden – Rise of the Pheonix

AtomA – Hole in the Sky

Dragonforce – Cry Thunder

Shinedown – Unity

Slash – You’re A Lie

Interview with Evile at Hammerfest IV

Evile – Centurion

Billy One Move – Reaching Out

Royseven – We Should Be Lovers

Alice In Chains – Would (something old)

DelainĀ – Get The Devil Out Of Me (something new)

Adrenaline MobĀ – Mob Rules (something borrowed)

Trucker Diablo – Black and Blue (something blue)

Interview with Savage Messiah at Hammerfest IV

Savage Messiah – All Seeing I
Accept – Stalingrad
Huntress – Senicide
Revoker – Psychoville
Municipal Waste – The Fatal Feast
Primal Rock Rebellion – Bright As A Fire

Playlist 13/04/12

Sabaton – Wehrmacht

Chemicals Of Democracy – Enemy

Six Feet Under – Formaldehyde

Surviving Suvannah – Medusa

Toadstool – Hands Of Time

Chasing Dragons – Seeds Of Tomorrow

Adrenaline Mob – Undaunted

Flying Colors – Kayla

Snakebite Interview
– Throwdown

ROTP: Chasing Dragons – Black Velvet (Alannah Myles)

Joey Tempest interview (Europe) Part 1

Black Sabbath – Paranoid

Iron Maiden – Hallowed Be Thy Name

Elimination – The End of Days

Joey Tempest interview Part 2
– Not Supposed To Sing The Blues

Slayer – Raining Blood

Power Quest – Glorious