Pseudonympho – “Pathetic Island Phallacy” Single Review

Release Date: 5th March 2012

Hard-rocking mentalists Pseudonympho have come on leaps and bounds since their appearance at 2011’s Leeds Metal Fringe. The release of A Door… A Table… A Fist… has cemented the band’s reputation to push the boundaries with a hard political bomb – not just on the state of music in the 21st century – but on socio-political issues, commercialism, and people just getting in your face!

The track kicks off with an array of guitars and thundering drum hooks signalling warning signs indicating to “Adam Ant is coming and could fuck you over whilst you talk to his hand” style regime, and swinging into the lyrical content to a statement of their belief in the political system. In amongst the vocal rhythms I am hearing a punk/hard rock hybrid outlook mixed in with harmonies displaying a political take to the whole concept, which in return see-saws back and forward and moving forward on the attack before getting towards to their goal of success through the chorus/bridge regions of the track. Dice in some clever groovy guitar hooks throughout the middle-eight sections that bring out the “Hard Rock Punch” aspect that Pseudo know really well.
In overall terms: “Adam Ant trying to imitate Superman but in real life, but with a strong social army backing”

It was extremely hard to understand about the whole concept of Pseudonympho’s mission to claim world peace in this track. Playing a heavy set of rhythms, followed by punk harmonies, and mixed in with “Hard Rock” elements it would take a few more listens to grasp the whole identity of this latest offering.

Support the guys for their chance to appear on the Red Bull Bedroom Jam stage at Download Here

6/10 Headbangs

Marcus Hind


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