Playlist 10/02/12

Tyr – Shadow of the Swastika (The Lay of Thrym)

Not Above Evil – Legion (The Transcendental Signified)

Killing For Company – Born Yesterday (Lost Art of Deception)

Fury UK – I See Red

Chimp Spanner – Dark Age of Technology (Basick Records 2012 sampler)

Skyharbour – Celestial (Basick Records 2012 sampler)

7 Horns 7 Eyes – The Winnowing (Basick Records 2012 sampler)

Bludger – Bludger

Lifescreen – Spark

For Love And Hate – Sirens  < Massive Apologies for the Technical Difficulties here 😦 I will play it on next weeks show – Marcus>

Something OLD: Ninedenine – Scars

Something NEW: Cannibal Corpse – Demented Agression

Something BORROWED: Metallica – Damage Case

Something BLUE: Kill 2 This – Heal The Separation

Edenshade – Another Purity Failing

EXCLUSIVE: Mortad – The Voice

EXCLUSIVE: Soulfly – World Scum (Released 5th March)

EXCLUSIVE: Dream Theater – Build Me Up, Break Me Down (Released Monday 13th February)

Evil Scarecrow – Choose Metal

God Is An Astronaut – Paradise Returns

Metallica – Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) (Happy 50th Birthday Cliff Burton RIP)


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