Playlist 9th Sept. 2011

The Soulless – Our Return

Head On – Sunrise

Hellfighter – Damnation’s Wings

INTERVIEW: Sideman from 1349 @ Bloodstock Festival

INTERVIEW: Inferno @ SOS Festival

Inferno – Veni Vidi Vici

INTERVIEW: Chasing Dragons @ Leeds Metal Fringe Festival

Chasing Dragons – Into The Pit Website

Something Old…’: Girl – Little Miss Ann

Something New…’: Opeth – The Devil’s Orchard

Something Borrowed…’: Benedictum – Overture/Temples Of Syrinx

Something Blue…’: Trucker Diablo – Black And Blue

INTERVIEW: Attica Rage @ SOS Festival

Attica Rage – Technofear

INTERVIEW: Powerquest @ Bloodstock Festival

Mishkin – A Good Day To Die Website

INTERVIEW: Mishkin @ Leeds Metal Fringe Festival

All the interviews played tonight will appear on SoundCloud.
Many thanks to: Leeds Festival Fringe and the Metal Fringe 2011
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