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Hails to all ye metal wariors and goddesses,

I know its been a while since I’ve visited here but it is me Sam form metal ashes team.

Well what can I say aboot theis years Bloodstcok other than it was immense.

Unfortunately Me and Marcus didnt get down to Catton Hall till Friday due to paid work commitments but hey we got there so thats something ay?

We could hear Devin while we were pitching our temporary homes for the metalmongous weekend ahead.

We couldnt park as close to our tent this year but this wasnt an issue because we were given the oppurtunity to hop in the little shuttle buses to ferry us and our weekends worth of camping gear etc to the presss and media camping area.

I got to check out WASP though.I wasnt sure what to expect really considering I’d not seen Blackie since the K.F.D tour way back when int 90’s sometime to a positively brimming Bradford Rios.

I have to say though that Blackie has still got it if you know aht I mean.He’s a living legend at that and it was an absalute pleasure to see him and the band putting on a wild performance for us at Bloodstock 2011.

Saturday was prety much non stop band watching/reviewing for me as most of my fave bands were on that day.

I was fortunate enough to be able to watch TAROT,FINNTROLL,IHSAHN,THERION,RHAPSODY of FIRE,IMMORTAL.

The weather was on our side for once too so we didnt have to endure the expected downpours predicted by the met!


Marcus Hietala and his bro’s band were  absalutely brilliant and what made it feel more like true metal was that they were both chugging away on their gaspers.

I have to say hat at some points when Marco was dialogueing with the fans/the crowd he did lose me and I was left there thinking where the **** is he going with this one now but it was all very clever word play and quirky humour so this amused me no end especially the sci fi reference to Moore Cock!!!!

That said though he even found time in his very busy press chedule to have his pic taken with none other than yours trully.The photo is ace and I cant wait to upload it onto website for all to see on the metalashesofphoenix page.


Onwards and forwards for more Finn metal.They really know how to get the crowd going do Finntroll I can say that much for em.The crowd were going nuts for them and so was I enjoying their positive ,up beat ,kinda pagan party metal.I love it because it allways gets people dancing and singing and having a great time which is what the metal is all about for me.


I have to admit that I was a wee bit excited to see Ihsahn and his band this day as I’ve always put Ihsahn on a pedestal musically as I think the  guy is very talented in the writing and composing departments.

I personally was surprised by what I heard and saw because I  was and I still am huge fan of Emperor so I dont quite know what to expect but the surprise was a positive one and I can genuinely say that I thoroughly enjoyed their set.Fortunately for me and unfortunately for my younger sister  I even managed to grab a fluke oppurtunity to have my pic taken with him while he was stood next to me watching another band.This pic is now on my facebook profile.My sister who was not amused and green at the gills told me to Put it away Sam because she couldnt weven bare looking at my pic without it being her in the pic(only kidding Alex!)For me this was an absalute honour and he was very obliging.


Whooooooahhhh!What can I say other than they were mind blowingly brilliant with their operatic style vocals and very quirky/period dress sense.

I think some of the people who were watching them genuinely didnt know what to make of them which was amusing to see as an innocent bystander but as a fan since Vovin it was terribly amusing to say the least.

I’ve seen Therion a coulpe of times on the continent and once in of all places old Bradford Rio’s.They were f’in immense then and in my humble opinion I think they’re even more immense now and have much more stage presence.I think for me THERION made my weekend all in all as I ‘m a fan of metal (obviously!!) and classical music so to have both genres in one band is amazing.I have to say aswell that Christofer is up there in my top 10 of metal geniuses along with Devin Townsend and Ihsahn.


Another goose bump filled set for me.The vocalist must have the most amazing voice in metal I’ve ever listened to.He was fantastic to say the least and cor blimey governer what a bleeding show did they put on for us.I stood fixated until the very last mnute of their set it has to be said as I couldnt tear my self away from this hugely popular and magnificent band.I know Lucas Turrilli is an amazing guitarist,composer and writer but the vocalist definitely switched me on wven more to the tunes of RHAPSODY of FIRE.I have a couple of their albums in my dense collection but I’m in need of more now because they were so brilliant!


If these guys didnt bring you back down to earth with a grat big bang then I dont know what would?I saw IMMORTAL many many moons ago again in the old Bradford Rios when they were at the peak of their fame really.I’ll never forget that gig man.A couple of unwittingly and unknowing fans jumped on tothe stage and whoa were they berated in public by the bans emselves for even daring to enter the same space as them.IMMORTAL’S words were something in the vein of “This is our f’in show and if you dont get off the f’in stage we’re going”.If this wasnt amusing enough to me thay even had fans on stage to make sure their hair was blowing in the right direction.How unintentionly funny were they to me back then??

Any way getting back to the here and now ay they still managed to ake me chuckle well belly laugh out loud oin this occasion with their crab dancing across the stage.I’ havent laughed so hard in ages.My sides were hurting for all the laughter.Alex and Dan had previously warned me about IMMORTAL’s crab dancing but i wasnt expecting them to be so funny.Putting that to one side though IMMORTAL were ground shakingingly and goosebumpingly dark,eerie,atmospheric and fantastic at the same time.Their corpse paint is brill and often imitated but these guys were the business to finish of a metal soaked Saturday evening at Catton Hall Bloodstock.

SUNDAY 14 th AUGUST 2011


I’ve seen Hammerall before at Wacken years ago but didnt take much notice of them then.Since Wacken tho things have changed and so have I!!

I stood and watched most of their set this time and amazingly enjoyed every minute of it I think because for me HAMMERFALL represent to me the true meaning of continental metal.I stood there thinking how lucky I was to be able to see them in my own country at my favourite metal festival


For me being the young age that I am this was a trip down memory lane to aerly 90’s at Bradford Rios when they used to pull in all the big names in metal of the day.

At the Gates at Bloodstock were intense,powerfull and amazing to say the least.

They gripped the crowd like nothing I’ve seen befoe and I’m pretty sure they ‘ll ahve made new friends and influenced people loads with their short set this evening.

AT  THE GATES were a blast that s for sure and they took me back somewhat to the arly 90’s but for all the right metalmongous reasons.


The legendary Motorhead gracing us at Bloodcstock with their presence on a Sunday night.Cant be bad!

Apparently somthing technical had brokenj only a couple of songs into thir set so Mr.Killerminster was not a happy rock n roller thars for sure.

Any way despite MOTORHEADS technical difficulties the show most definitely did go on and what a show it was.

I have to say that I was a little disappointed that they didnt stay on till 22:45 but hey its Lemmy and MOTORHEAD and they can do whatever the hell they like as far as I’m concerned.

All in all warriours and godesses this years Bloodstock was fangtastic to say the least and I cant wait till next year.

Its just so brilliant to see Blodstock growing into what it is from where it originsted from.I love it.

See you all there next year come hail,sun or rain!

SAM of the team



Playlist 19/08/2011

Satyricon – My Skin Is Cold

Iron Rat – Devil Dog

Babylon Fire – Freedom

Primevil – Wake Up Dead (Something new)

Iron Maiden – Sheriff Of Huddersfield (Something Old)

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Deftones – Beauty School

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Playlist 12/07/2011

Seth ETC. – ETC.

Henceforth – Without The Sun

Amough Symphony – Osiris 1

The Treatment – Drink, Rock, Fight

Nightvision – Sob Story

Diamond Plate – Fool’s Paradise

Exit State – Check Out The Crazy

Dream Theatre – On The Backs Of Angels

Deftones – Beauty School

Chrome Division – Sharp Dressed Man (RISE OF THE PHOENIX)

At The Gates – Under The Serpent Sun

Exodus – Metal Command

Morbid Angel – Where The Slime Live

Lawnmower Deth – Seventh Church Of The Apocalyptic Lawnmower

Arthemis – This Is Revolution

Power Quest – Glorious

Wolf – Skull Crusher

White Wizzard – Demons And Diamonds

Leprous – Restless

Playlist 29/07/11

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Candiria – Constant Velocity Is As Natural As Being At Rest

Grand Magus – Black Sails

Skin – How Lucky You Are

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– Learning to Live

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Napalm Death – Mass Appeal Madness

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