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Skindred Competition!!!!

What was Benji Webbe’s previous band called before Skindred?

To answer this you must be following us on Twitter (@metalashes) and then tweet the answer!

Competition ends on 4th May!


Playlists 15th and 22nd April 2011

15th April

Within Temptation - In the Middle of the Night
Nevermore - Emptiness Unobstructed
Bludvera - Tools of Bloodshed
Powerquest Interview @ Hammerfest
Powerquest - Glorious
Romeo Must Die - Better Off Dead
Turisas interview @ Hammerfest
Turisas - Stand Up and Fight
Rise: Leaves Eyes - To France (Mike Oldfield)
Midnattsol - The Metamorphosis Melody
Green Day - Know Your Enemy Live (Manchester)
15 Times Dead - Driven By Hate
Evile interview @ Hammerfest
Evile - Plague To End All Plagues
The Dickies - Banana Splits
White Wizzard - High Speed GTO

22nd April

16 Volt - And I Go
Pist On - Down and Out
Deadly Circus Fire - Threnody
Redeem - Promises
Leaves Eyes - Spirits Masquerade
            - Meredead
Midnattsol - The Metamorphosis Melody
Tool - The Patient
Rise: Arthemis - Survivor
Attica Rage - Contradictions
            - Ashamed
Neonfly - Ship With No Sails
Within Temptation - Where is the Edge
Otep - Autopsy Song
One Minute Silence - 1845
Mortalicum - Progress of Doom
Iron Rat - Halo
Redeem - Broken