Monthly Archives: March 2011

Playlist 250311

Misery Loves Company – Kiss Your Boots
Albatross – In The Court Of Kuru
Attica Rage – HF III interview
Attica Rage – Hacked For Vanity
Triaxis – HF III interview
Triaxis – Aurora
Within Temptation – In The Middle Of The Night
RISE OF THE PHOENIX: Black Spiders – Kicked In The Teeth (AC/DC)
Cavalero Conspiracy – Lynch Mob
Ravenface – HF III interview
Ravenface – Spineless
Arceye – HF III interview
Arceye – Slaughtered
Deadly Circus Fire – HF III interview
Deadly Circus Fire – Threnody
Attica Rage – Ashamed


Playlist 110311

Henry Rollins – Are you Ready
Rob Zombie – Mars Needs Women
Revolution Renaissance – Trinity
Foo Fighters – Rope
Operator Six – The Realist
Attica Rage – Through The Inner Eye
Beholder – Heretic
Nirvana – Lithium
Skindred – Warning
Van Canto – Master of Puppets (Rise)
Manowar – Kings of Metal
Die So Fluid interview
Svart Crown – Coliseum
Falling Red – Come On Down
Revoker – Stay Down
October Sky – Hell Isn’t My Home