Evile, Elimination, Mutant and Bludvera @ Academy 2, Manchester. 090211

A rainy Wednesday night in Manchester was a suitable backdrop for a night of old-skool Thrash.
Unlike any city I’ve seen Manchester is one of those cities that is rising continuously for Music Education, with more colleges built since I last visited when Kelly Osbourne played either Academy 1 (please correct me if I’m wrong).

Anyway. Enough sight-seeing the History. It was all about sight-seeing the METAL with Myself and fellow MAoPS contributor James were the tourists.

Arriving late in Manchester we pursued into Academy 2 (where I last saw Chimaira tear up the stage years ago) and stepped in the middle of the first band of the night: Bludvera.
Bludvera, comprising of proper Old-Skool riffage and classic thrash beats, all amalgamated together to sound like a young outfit portraying Slayer, Sabbat.
As newbies to the night these guys are becoming a potential candidate to MAoPs and I award them 5/10 HeadBangs. Up next: Mutant.

London 4-piece Mutant rip through their set with songs from last years EP ‘Laserdrome’ and many others to erupt the mosh pit with their blend of sonic-speed riffs and contagious blast beats.
An excellent crowd pleaser to keep the night going with “Turbo Hyper Ultra Mega Power” and with some of the funniest wit coming from frontman Tom Luchensteiner, 8/10 HeadBangs deserves the treat!

Essex-based, Leather-clad mega thrashers Elimination failed to disappoint. Their setlist delivering a huge ‘War-Ensemble’ of metal madness cutting through the atmosphere that shakes the very foundations of the room. Battle Metal, Thrash Metal whatever you like to call it or brand it under they deserve 7/10 HeadBangs for a cool show :).

Finally Yorkshire’s finest Evile grace the stage with their mightly embraced fanfare intro to welcome them into the arena for battle and kicking of with ‘First Blood’.

Now, it was quite strange and sad to not see the band with bassist Mike Alexander rocking away tonight. Before Evile they were known to the underground world as Metal Mulisha – covering all songs by Metallica to name a few – and they were awesome and my band use to support them whenever they performed.
Drummer Ben was happy to mingle in with the crowd before they were due to come on, and I shared some memories with him detailing those days back then and sent my commiseration to him and the band. I was quite surprised that he still knew me after all these years and said that the band are happily and steadily moving on without bassist Mike since his death, and away from the USA tour supporting their release ‘Infected Nations’.

Meanwhile… Back to the present and “First Blood” tore up the mosh pit like a bat out of hell screaming throughout the night. New bassist Joel Graham provided part of the most devastating backline support alongside vocalist/ guitarist Matt Drake, and prepare themselves for thrash assaults for lead guitarist Ol Drake.
The gig is the best I’ve seen in a long time with the best quote from Matt about their new song they were showcasing for the first time tonight:

“We have a new song for you!!! The only trouble is we have no name for it! Can you think of any?”

For which the crowd came up with some titles with hilarious names. Finally for one night only one was chosen out of the hat: “Tossers Jobpot Cock and Balls”.

“Awesome. This song eveyone is called “Tossers Jobpot Cock & Balls”.”


Another classic quote from Matt nearing the end of the night the band were running over the curfew:

“We’re Evile and we are in trouble!”

Naughty indeed but 10/10 HeadBangs gets my vote.






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