The Travelling Band,A Rookery

Now I know we’re e metal/alternative show but I felt compelled to review these as I thorughly enjoyed the gig and its all about promoting good music as far as I’m concerned.
This eve I dragged myself out of the house to see The Travelling Band and A Rookery.I say dragged because I was exhausted from lack of sleep the previous night due to there being a crisis at the place I work.
We ll anyway to cut a long story short I was very impressed with all the performers I saw including the young man who was their support act.
His lyrics were way ahead of his young age and his music very punchy but not punky if you get my meaning?
I’ve had the pleasure of watching A Rookery beofre at another one of The Doghouse promotions events.
Listening to A Rookery reminds me of Grace Slick or Nico circa 1967.They were much tighter this time around and gave Arden Road Social club and Doghouse customers a very good show.A Rookery performed an array of their songs including a couple of their new e.p.

Now these really did get the crowd going so much so that a few peeps got up on the dance floor to shake their stuff.
They played a lot of tunage off their back catalogue and a few newbies which were very interesting.
Check em all out on Myspace.
I’m sure you wil not be disappointed folks!


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