The Prophecy, Nomads Son, Mortallicum at The Snooty Fox in Wakefield,West Yorkshire

Tonight Marcus Hind and myself Sam Lloyd had the priveledge and honour of being able to check out The Prophecy Nomads Son and Mortallicum at The Snooty Fox in Wakefield.

We would have loved to check out the previous bands but we were busy earlier today in the studio at Phoenixfm with the above mentioned bands doing a DoomFest Special.

Well what can we say.


We got there literally just in time to get to the bar purchase a beer and before we knew it The Prophecy were on!Ya!

They sounded brilliant all the way through their set which consisted of mostly Into The Light numbers but with a couple of back catalogue numbers thrown in for good measure from Ashes.

The place was packed and the crowd were going nuts for The Prophecy throughout their set.

I’ve not seen The Prophecy perform live since Bloodstock 2010 but this was great to be able to se em in my old haunt that is The Snooty Fox.

Before I knew it Matt Lawson and co were finishing off what looked and sounded like a pitch pefect set and oncoming were Nomads Son who we’d previously interviewed in the afternoon down at the studios at PhoenixFm.


All the way from sunny Malta to play here in good old Wakey.

They were great live and played numerous crowd pleasers.Albert worked the crowd well and they were begging for more by the end of their set.

Nomad Son played songs off their latest offering and from their previous album too much to The Snooty Fox crowds plaeasure.There was arms and hair flying about all over and lots of singing along.

Nomad Son were much loved by their crowd and I’m sure that if we’d have had more time the crowd would ahve gone crrrrrrazzzzzy for some more but hey on with the show we go.


I have to be honest in that I’d not listened to any of their material previously but I was blown away by how great they sounded.

They charged on to the stage like true Vikings and made it quite clear that they were more than ready to roccccccccccccckkkk!

Again The Snooty crowd were going bonkers for em and were shouting out song requests and various other obscurities.

The place was moving and Mortallicum were kicking out some fab tunes for us headbanging masses.

I have to say that all in all tonight was the best gig I’ve been to in a while at The Snooty.The sound for all the bands we saw was spot on.

  Thankyou Mr Shipman!

My only complaint is(lol) that it didnt go on for long enough.We could hve quite happily stayed for another hour or so getting into it and having a trully great time.

Thankyou to The Prophecy and their pals for a fab  night and lets hope we can see more of all the bands in the near future.


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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for writing a report from the Wakefield show, where 2 of our bands played. I’m glad you enjoyed their shows!

    But I wanted to point out 3 mistakes: 2 of them are in the names of the bands: it’s NOMAD SON (not “Nomads Son”) and MORTALICUM (not “Mortallicum”). Please correct them.
    However the most strange thing is that you wrote about the shows in the wrong order (Nomad Son played as the headliner, AFTER Mortalicum), so I’m not sure if seeing Mortalicum you thought that it was Nomad Son and the other way round (especially that there are no details that could give a good hint, except for mentioning Albert’s name)… Well, actually I do think you mistook one band for the other while watching them, because after writing about Nomad Son’s gig (which was actually Mortalicum), you wrote “but hey on with the show we go”. 😉

    But you’ve got some good ale up there, so…

    METAL ON METAL Records:
    METAL ON METAL Records @ MySpace:
    METAL ON METAL Records @ Facebook:

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