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Evile, Elimination, Mutant and Bludvera @ Academy 2, Manchester. 090211

A rainy Wednesday night in Manchester was a suitable backdrop for a night of old-skool Thrash.
Unlike any city I’ve seen Manchester is one of those cities that is rising continuously for Music Education, with more colleges built since I last visited when Kelly Osbourne played either Academy 1 (please correct me if I’m wrong).

Anyway. Enough sight-seeing the History. It was all about sight-seeing the METAL with Myself and fellow MAoPS contributor James were the tourists.

Arriving late in Manchester we pursued into Academy 2 (where I last saw Chimaira tear up the stage years ago) and stepped in the middle of the first band of the night: Bludvera.
Bludvera, comprising of proper Old-Skool riffage and classic thrash beats, all amalgamated together to sound like a young outfit portraying Slayer, Sabbat.
As newbies to the night these guys are becoming a potential candidate to MAoPs and I award them 5/10 HeadBangs. Up next: Mutant.

London 4-piece Mutant rip through their set with songs from last years EP ‘Laserdrome’ and many others to erupt the mosh pit with their blend of sonic-speed riffs and contagious blast beats.
An excellent crowd pleaser to keep the night going with “Turbo Hyper Ultra Mega Power” and with some of the funniest wit coming from frontman Tom Luchensteiner, 8/10 HeadBangs deserves the treat!

Essex-based, Leather-clad mega thrashers Elimination failed to disappoint. Their setlist delivering a huge ‘War-Ensemble’ of metal madness cutting through the atmosphere that shakes the very foundations of the room. Battle Metal, Thrash Metal whatever you like to call it or brand it under they deserve 7/10 HeadBangs for a cool show :).

Finally Yorkshire’s finest Evile grace the stage with their mightly embraced fanfare intro to welcome them into the arena for battle and kicking of with ‘First Blood’.

Now, it was quite strange and sad to not see the band with bassist Mike Alexander rocking away tonight. Before Evile they were known to the underground world as Metal Mulisha – covering all songs by Metallica to name a few – and they were awesome and my band use to support them whenever they performed.
Drummer Ben was happy to mingle in with the crowd before they were due to come on, and I shared some memories with him detailing those days back then and sent my commiseration to him and the band. I was quite surprised that he still knew me after all these years and said that the band are happily and steadily moving on without bassist Mike since his death, and away from the USA tour supporting their release ‘Infected Nations’.

Meanwhile… Back to the present and “First Blood” tore up the mosh pit like a bat out of hell screaming throughout the night. New bassist Joel Graham provided part of the most devastating backline support alongside vocalist/ guitarist Matt Drake, and prepare themselves for thrash assaults for lead guitarist Ol Drake.
The gig is the best I’ve seen in a long time with the best quote from Matt about their new song they were showcasing for the first time tonight:

“We have a new song for you!!! The only trouble is we have no name for it! Can you think of any?”

For which the crowd came up with some titles with hilarious names. Finally for one night only one was chosen out of the hat: “Tossers Jobpot Cock and Balls”.

“Awesome. This song eveyone is called “Tossers Jobpot Cock & Balls”.”


Another classic quote from Matt nearing the end of the night the band were running over the curfew:

“We’re Evile and we are in trouble!”

Naughty indeed but 10/10 HeadBangs gets my vote.





Playlist 110211

Cradle Of Filth – Her Ghost in the Fog
Skarlett Riot – The Answer
Taking Dawn – Take Me Away
Pain – Follow Me
Type O Negative – Cinnoman Girl
Crowbar – Let Me Mourn
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead… – Summer Of All Dead Souls
Amon Amarth – War Of The Gods
Bloodbound – Moria
Thin Lizzy w/Gary Moore – Parisienne Walkways
Otep – Breed (RISE)
White Wizzard -High Speed GTO
Caverlera Conspiracy – Killing Inside
Deicide – To Hell With God
Muse – Muscle Museum
Kiss – Lick It Up
Within Temptation – Waht Have You Done
Gary Moore – Still Got The Blues
Eden’s Curse – Saints Of Tomorrow
Iron Maiden – Paschendale
Motorhead – Eat The Rich

The Prophecy, Nomads Son, Mortallicum at The Snooty Fox in Wakefield,West Yorkshire

Tonight Marcus Hind and myself Sam Lloyd had the priveledge and honour of being able to check out The Prophecy Nomads Son and Mortallicum at The Snooty Fox in Wakefield.

We would have loved to check out the previous bands but we were busy earlier today in the studio at Phoenixfm with the above mentioned bands doing a DoomFest Special.

Well what can we say.


We got there literally just in time to get to the bar purchase a beer and before we knew it The Prophecy were on!Ya!

They sounded brilliant all the way through their set which consisted of mostly Into The Light numbers but with a couple of back catalogue numbers thrown in for good measure from Ashes.

The place was packed and the crowd were going nuts for The Prophecy throughout their set.

I’ve not seen The Prophecy perform live since Bloodstock 2010 but this was great to be able to se em in my old haunt that is The Snooty Fox.

Before I knew it Matt Lawson and co were finishing off what looked and sounded like a pitch pefect set and oncoming were Nomads Son who we’d previously interviewed in the afternoon down at the studios at PhoenixFm.


All the way from sunny Malta to play here in good old Wakey.

They were great live and played numerous crowd pleasers.Albert worked the crowd well and they were begging for more by the end of their set.

Nomad Son played songs off their latest offering and from their previous album too much to The Snooty Fox crowds plaeasure.There was arms and hair flying about all over and lots of singing along.

Nomad Son were much loved by their crowd and I’m sure that if we’d have had more time the crowd would ahve gone crrrrrrazzzzzy for some more but hey on with the show we go.


I have to be honest in that I’d not listened to any of their material previously but I was blown away by how great they sounded.

They charged on to the stage like true Vikings and made it quite clear that they were more than ready to roccccccccccccckkkk!

Again The Snooty crowd were going bonkers for em and were shouting out song requests and various other obscurities.

The place was moving and Mortallicum were kicking out some fab tunes for us headbanging masses.

I have to say that all in all tonight was the best gig I’ve been to in a while at The Snooty.The sound for all the bands we saw was spot on.

  Thankyou Mr Shipman!

My only complaint is(lol) that it didnt go on for long enough.We could hve quite happily stayed for another hour or so getting into it and having a trully great time.

Thankyou to The Prophecy and their pals for a fab  night and lets hope we can see more of all the bands in the near future.

The Travelling Band,A Rookery

Now I know we’re e metal/alternative show but I felt compelled to review these as I thorughly enjoyed the gig and its all about promoting good music as far as I’m concerned.
This eve I dragged myself out of the house to see The Travelling Band and A Rookery.I say dragged because I was exhausted from lack of sleep the previous night due to there being a crisis at the place I work.
We ll anyway to cut a long story short I was very impressed with all the performers I saw including the young man who was their support act.
His lyrics were way ahead of his young age and his music very punchy but not punky if you get my meaning?
I’ve had the pleasure of watching A Rookery beofre at another one of The Doghouse promotions events.
Listening to A Rookery reminds me of Grace Slick or Nico circa 1967.They were much tighter this time around and gave Arden Road Social club and Doghouse customers a very good show.A Rookery performed an array of their songs including a couple of their new e.p.

Now these really did get the crowd going so much so that a few peeps got up on the dance floor to shake their stuff.
They played a lot of tunage off their back catalogue and a few newbies which were very interesting.
Check em all out on Myspace.
I’m sure you wil not be disappointed folks!

Playlist 02/02/11

Moonspell – Butterfly FX
Benediction – Down On Whores
The Hollow Earth Theory – Transmission
Children Of Bodom – Was It Worth It?
Biomechnical – Survival
Morbid Angel – Where The Slime Lives
Taking Dawn interview
Taking Dawn – Take Me Away
Cradle Of Filth – Temptation (RISE)
Esoterica – Chemicals
Skarlett Riot interview
Skarlett Riot – Never Believe It
Nevermore – The Termination Proclaimation
Benedictum – Valkrie Rising
Benedictum – Balls To The Wall
My Ruin – Suicide Tuesday
Pythia – Sarah (Bury Her)
Pythia – Ride For Glory
Alter Bridge – Isolation

Playlist 28/1/11

Perephery – Light
Faith No More – Be Agressive
(The Original) Iron Maiden – God of Darkness
Metallica – Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
AC/DC – Black Ice
Joey Tempest Interview
Iron Maiden – Paschendale
Muse – House of the Rising Sun
The Offspring – Hit That
The Start – Shakedown
Blue Man Group – The Current
Taking Dawn – Take Me Away
Apocalyptica – Seeman
Ricky Warwick interview
Within Temptation – Faster
Fear Factory – Martyr
After Forever – Equally Destructive
Stone Sour – Say You’ll Haunt Me Forever