THE CULT @ MANCHESTER o2 ACADEMY without spelling and grammar errors!!!!!

Last night I was had the priveledge and honour of seeing one of my all time fave bands The Cult.I was so looking forward to it I was excited all day at work.

Me and my friend got there for before The Cult came on so we just hung around util they were due to come on.

The Cult came on at approximately at 21:15 and played until we left which was at  23:00.

They played all the crowd and me pleasing favourites such as Fire Woman,Eddie Ciao Baby,Sweet Soul Sister,She Sells Sanctuary,Wildflower.

These were fab when they were performed but they werent played close enough together.

My friend said is it me or are peole bored here at one point as The Cult launched into consecutive slow songs.

I love The Cult and especially Mr.Astbury’s vocal style but even I was bored at points and stood with baited breath until another favourite of mine came on.

I will say that although he was being a bit daft at imes saying ” Turn the f’ing lights down” when he was wearing a bomber jacket he could have easily taken off.

He was witty and funny.Not sure if this was intentional but anyway he amused me none the less.

I did cheer him when he shamed the people that were videoing the gig into not doing it and again later when a young fan in the crowd decided to treat the whole crowd and The Cult to a show of her assetts.

“Oh do put them away please  its distracting” said Mr.Astbury or words to that effect.

The low point of the gig was the slow drawling tunes which I wasnt familliar with if I’m honest.

I think considering most people paid in excess of £28 per ticket they had a right to a good time.

The high point for me was seeing Mr .Astbury doing his thang still and singing all my personal favourites such as Sweet Soul Sister,FireWoman,Ceromony.

I’m not sure if The Cult were a bit pooped after all their tour dates but in my humble opinion I did think they were lacking something somewhat and this reflected in their show.

I made a pilgrimmage from Brighton to London to see them in 1994 and they were as they they on the continent “The Shit” then but I dont know where all that energy and enthusiam has gone.

I’d love the opportunity to see them again but in different circumstances where Mr.Ian Astbury is putting on more of a show and putting his all into it like he used to.

Overall it was an okay gig and I’d say a 7/10 on our headbangs scale but a message to The Cult,Please try harder next time lads.

Thanks and Good bye till next time folks.



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