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Movember latest…


Hi guys

As the event is soon to draw to a close I am reminding you that extra donations are needed to raise money for the prostate cancer charity.

The tache’ is growing well but can be a nuisance at times but enjoying the publicity that goes with it lol.
To donate go to the website and search for ‘Marcus Hind’ and click on ‘Donate to me’.

You’re support is very important to beat cancer.

Thank you.



Motorhead (16th November 2010)

On Tuesday 16th November I got a nice surprise from the lovely people at LiveNation that I had been given 2 tickets to see metal stalwarts Motorhead with support from Michael Monroe at the Manchester Apollo.

Quick side note – the Apollo looks fantastic now its had a revamp!

Anyways! We missed the first support band (oops!) but then it was time for Michael Monroe (former Hanoi Rocks), Ginger (The Wildhearts), Sam and Yaffa (New York Dolls). The energy from the band was fantastic even with Ginger sporting a broken ankle! The set was unfortunately far too short for my liking but it got 8 out of 10 headbangs from me!

Time of Motorhead – Mickey D first came out onto his raised platform to huge cheers, followed by Phil Campbell and the great Lemmy sporting his cowboy hat and boots. Well the volume was amazing in the Apollo hall but Lemmy seemed to have a lot of problems with his microphone volume most of the night. The night finished on a brilliant rendition of Overkill! 8 out of 10 headbangs from me again!

Playlist 19th November 2010

Dark City – Attica Rage
Shooting Star – White Wizzard
Violence – Kill Matriarch
Diascorium Interview (Damnation Festival)
Cnidaria – Diascorium
Costain – Arizona Bay
Bottom of the well – Airbourne
Phantom of the Opera – Iron Maiden
At midnight they’ll get wise – Grand Magus
The Dillenger Escape Plan Interview (Damnation Festival)
Tat Twam Asi – Earthtone9
Heaven is gone – Seventh Void
Rules for fools – Tankard
Paradise Lost – Nick Holmes Interview (Damnation Festival)
Erased – Paradise Lost
Meet Me on the Dark Side – Melissa Auf Der Maur
Gallows – Atreyu
Resurrection – Fear Factory

Go to to download the podcasts!

Playlists from the past few fridays

Friday 15/10/10

Stahlmann – Willkommen
Baltery in Play? – Last Line Lady
Dig That Hole – Monster Magnet
Ross The Boss interview
Ross The Boss – Kingdom Arise
Coheed And Cambria – World Of Lines
Skunk Anansie – Talk too Much
Fury UK interview
Fury UK – Death by Lightning
ROTP: White Wizzard – We Rock (Dio)
Helstar – Pandemonium
GWAR – You are my Meat
Crystal Viper – The Ghost Ship
Katra – Delirium
Powerwolf interview
Symphone – The Eternal
Down – Hail The Leaf
Cataract – Never
Love Amongst Ruin – Home

Friday 22/10/10

Helstar – Angels Fail To Heal
Isolysis – Vampurity
Fury UK – Saviour
Attica Rage – Back To The Old School
Young Guns – All Our Kings Are Dead
Andromeda interview
Feja – Jungfu-i-hindhamn
Thunderstone – Wasted Years (Iron Maiden)
Lordi – This Is Heavy Metal
Stahlmann – Hass Mich… Lieb Mich
ROTP: Tarja Turunen – Still of the Night
Kings of Asgard – Einharjar
Opeth interview (
Zakk Wylde – Crazy Horse
Firewind – World On Fire
GWAR – Hail Genocide
Katra – Vendetta
Athorn – Angel of the Fall
Monster Magnet – 100 Million Miles
Godsmack – Bad Religion

Friday 29/10/10

Lordi – Zombie Rawk Machine
Pain – Zombie Slam
Misfits – Scream
Cataract – Lost Sould
Diascorium – The Blood Child Spoil
Motorhead – Ace of Spades (acoustic)
Alice Cooper – Welcome To my Nightmare
Stone Sour – Say You’ll Haunt Me
Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark
Revamp – Sweet Curse
ROTP: Arthemis – BAD
Manowar – Vioence And Bloodshed
Paradise Lost – Accept The Pain
Roadrunner United – In The Fire
Spineshank – Violent Mood Swings
Murderdolls – Chaple Of Blood
Black Sabbath – Heaven & Hell
Dream Evil – Blind Evil
Him – Buried Alive by Love
GWAR – KZ Necromancer

Rock the chicken!

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