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Tonight’s show 20/08/10

Coming up tonight: Some brand new releases from Methods of Mayhem, Stone Sour, Slash, Nickleback and Taking Dawn. Sam talks about her tales from the Bloodstock festival plus more new material from the festival and a very cool Rise of the Phoenix.

Oh, and two interviews from Black Spiders and Falling Red!

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The Metal Ashes team


The Week that has been + Last fridays tracklisting

As this is our (official) first blog entry of the world we would just like to tell you what has been happening this week.
Pete has been busy away listening to the pre-releases that have come in from the past week. Especially that of some certain key bands (and their releases) that you should also on the look out for in the next week, month or so.
Those from last time (and beyond) include:
Since coming back to life at this year’s Sonisphere festival Skunk Anansie have got a new single out soon and we had the first ever listen and believe me… You will not be disappointed!
Sam has been to Bloodstock (and survived) and once rested and refreshed will be reporting back to the MAoPs with and HUGE amount of interviews and gossip from last weekends BS festival. Soon to be up on the air shortly!

And the Hindbeast is currently listening to new bands and is planning his first outing at a gig near you. So look out for him!

The Playlist (13/08/10):

AC/DC – Dirty Deeds
Furyon – Disappear Again
Chickenfoot – Runnin’ Out
Northern Kings – My Way (Sinatra Cover)
Iced Earth – Something Wicked This Way Comes pt.1
Skull Branded Pirates interview
Exit State – Out Till 3
Serj Tankian – Disowned Inc.
Voodoo Six – Take The Blame
Rise of the Phoenix: Dave Evans – House of the Rising Sun
Sabaton – Screaming Eagles
Drowning Pool – Turn So Cold
I Know A Ghost – Where Did You Get Those Clothes? <= EXCLUSIVE
Kinasis – In Vivo <= EXCLUSIVE
Big Elf – Painkillers
Babylon Fire interview
Skunk Anansie – My Ugly Boy <= EXCLUSIVE
Ozzy Osbourne – Let Me Hear You Scream
Iron Maiden – Eldorado

Rock harder everyone!
Metal Ashes of Phoenix team

Welcome to the new blog!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs and geese and… Chicken? Welcome to the The Almighty blog of Metal from the Metal Ashes of Phoenix show.

On this very site you will receive news, views, reviews and interviews from the best in rock and metal out and around the Calderdale area and beyond!

We will update you of the events that will be happening in the area and share our thoughts on the metal world and their peers.

Listen live on Friday nights @ 8-10pm on 96.7FM around Halifax, Calderdale or ONLINE at