Playlist 5/12/14

Static X – Black & White

Nevermore – The Termination Proclamation

Arch Enemy – War Eternal

Rammstein – Rammlied

AC/DC – Guns For Hire

Scar Symmetry – Limits To Infinity

Obzidian – This Is Fury

Striker – Bad Decisions

Mastodon – Once More Round The Sun

Audrey Horne – Tales From The Crypt

Man The Manchetes – Karma a Brenne

Absolva – Live For The Fight

Liv Kristine – Two And A Heart

Paradise Lost – Eternal

Alien Orchestra – Breaking New Ground

Crossfaith – Madness

Rancid – Honor Is All We Know

The Ghost Inside – Avalanche

The One Hundred – Unleashed

Cancer Bats – Satellites

Avatarium – All I Want

Aversions Crown – Conqueror

Carcass – Intensive Battery Brooding

Hanzel Und Gretel – Blood Of My Horns

Pet The Preacher – Kamikaze Knight

Sabaton – Night Witches

Various Artists – Deck The Halls

My Wooden Pillow – “The Line”

Manchester’s hardcore mob My Wooden Pillow have just recently released a track from their EP available to stream from their SoundCloud page (or subsequently via the link below).

Catch them over Grand Central this Thursday!


Playlist 14/11/14

Pulkas – This Is It

Machine Head – Now We Die

Linkin Park – Rebellion

Lordi – Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein

In This Moment – Sick Like Me

Massive Wagons – Alive

Harm – Little Pariah

Crobot – Nowhere To Hide

Obzidian – Concrete Psychosis

Sonata Arctica – 8th Commandment

Filter – Under

No Sin Evades His Gaze – Age Of Sedation

Demonic Resurrection – Trail Of Destruction

Morgue Orgy – The Last Man on Earth

Striker – Bad Decisions

Kontrust – I Freak On

Cavalera Conspiracy – I, Barbarian

Liv Kristine – Stronghold Of Angels (feat Doro Pesch)

Audrey Horne – Volcano Girl

Exodus – Body Harvest

Accept – 200 Years

Def Leppard – Gods Of War

Devilment – Sanity Hits A (Perfect) Zero

Amen – Coma America

Alien Orchestra – Breaking New Ground

Alestorm – Buckfast Powersmash

Trucker Diablo – Drive

Halloween Playlist 31st October 2014

Iron Maiden – Number Of The Beast

Coal Chamber – Fiend

AC/DC – Evil Walks

Slayer – Raining Blood

Alice Cooper – Dangerous Tonight

Alice Cooper – Feed My Frankenstein

King Diamond – Sleepless Nights

Achren – Darkest Day

Deathstars – All The Devil’s Toys

Megaherz – Zombieland

Lordi – Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein

Vader – Hexenkessel

Cannibal Corpse – Devoured By Vermin

Coldworker – Murderous

Suffocation – As Grace Descends

Type O Negative – Love You To Death

Ghost B.C. – Ghuleh/Zombie Queen

Rob Zombie – Dragula

Rob Zombie – Demonoid Phenomenon

Slipknot – The Devil In I

Devilment – Girl From Mystery Island

Iron Maiden – Hallowed By Thy Name


Happy Halloween Halifax!

PLAYLIST: 03/10/2014

Evil Scarecrow – Crabulon

Accept – Trail of Tears

Seven Deadly – The Wrath

Godslave – Unleash the Slaves

Die No More – One in the Chamber

Nightvision – So Many Lies

Thunder – Back Street Symphony

AC/DC – Ride On

Black Moth – Tumbleweave

The Sword – Hawks and Serpents

Godsmack – Keep Away

RISE OF THE PHOENIX – Paradise Lost – Small Town Boy (Bronski Beat cover)

Savage Messiah – Iconocaust

Massive – Full Throttle

Soil – Halo

Slash (ft. Fergie) – Beautiful Dangerous

Iron Maiden – 2 Minutes to Midnight

Scorpions – No-one Like You

WhiteWizzard – High Speed GTO

The Almighty – Devil’s Toy

Playlist 26/09/14

Whitesnake – Still of the Night

Whitesnake – Children of the Night

Killing For Company – Saved

Life Of Agony – Lost At 22

Fantasist – RED

The Goddam Electric interview

The Goddam Electric – Scarecrow

Korpiklanni – Off To The Hunt

Tankard – R. I. B. (Rest In Beer)

Ryker’s – End Of Line

Royal Blood – Little Monster

Swashbuckle – Attack!!!!

RISE: SIN-atra – Strangers In The Night

Tool – Schism

The Graveyard – Slow Motion Countdown

King Of Asgard – The Runes Of Hel

I Am I – In The Air Tonight

Die No More interview

Die No More – Soul Destroyer

Threshold – Watchtower On The Moon

Fear Factory – Controlled Explosion

Alestorm – Buckfast Powersmash

Scar Symmetry – Neohuman

PLAYLIST: 12/09/2014 (Hindbeast & the Tortured One!)

Rammstein – Feuer Frei

Pitchshifter – Genius

Slipknot – Disasterpiece

Counting Days – This Life In Black

Obey The Brave – Raise Your Voice

King 810 – Treading and Trodden

Skarlett Riot – Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen

Soil – ReDefine

Taking Dawn – Save Me

Chimaira – Time Is Running Out

RISE OF THE PHOENIX – Dragonforce – Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash cover)

Killer Be Killed – I.E.D.

Architects – Colony Collapse

In Hearts Wake – Earth Walker

Die No More – Soul Destroyer

Belphegor – Legions of Destruction

Suffocation – Eminent Wrath

Vader – Hexenkessel – The Prophecy – Released

Playlist 29/08/14

Adema – Freaking Out

Accept – Stampede

Oslo Ess – Under Radaren

Judas Priest – Tears Of Blood

AC/DC – Guns For Hire

Savage Messiah interview @ Sos Fest 2014, Part 1.

Savage Messiah – Hellblazer

Ghost B.C. – Year Zero

Martyr De Mona – The Jackal

Vader – Armada On Fire

King 810 – Fat Around The Heart

Crossfaith – We Are The Future

Belphegor – In Death

RISE: SIN-atra – Love & Marriage (Frank Sinatra)

Reign Of Fury – Born To Die

Beholder – Killing Machine

Massive Wagons – Heavy Metal Man

Evil Scarecrow – Crabulon

Slipknot – the Devil In I

Sharman Harvest – Here It Comes

Savage Messiah interview @ Sos Fest 2014, Part 2.

Savage Messiah – Minority Of One

Alice Cooper – Burning Our Bed

Amaranthine – The Nexus

Chasing Dragons – Spawn Of The Succubus

Weird Al Yankovich – My Own Eyes

PLAYLIST – 22/08/2014

Attica Rage – Beyond Forever

Black Label Society – Heart of Darkness

Die No More – Council of War

Blues Pills – High Class Woman

Scorpion Child – Polygon of Eyes

Grieve – Aeon

Hybris – Shadowplay

Knock Out Kaine – Set The Night On Fire

Seven Deadly – The Wrath

Heart – Barracuda

Grand Magus – Triumph and Power

Rise of the Phoenix: Xentrix – Ghostbusters (Ray Parker Jr. Cover)

Stone Sour – Through Glass

Slash (ft. Fergie) – Beautiful Dangerous

Interview – Triaxis at SOS Fest pt.1

Triaxis – Sand & Silver

Interview – Triaxis at SOS Fest pt.2

Triaxis – Lies

Iron Maiden – The Sheriff of Huddersfield

Jaldaboath – Dex the Whispering Dwarf

Skindred – Calling All Stations

Revoker – Psychoville

The Wildhearts – Miles Away Girl

Playlist 8/8/14

Rammstein – Buck Dich

Paradise Lost – Forever After

Marilyn Manson – Hey, Cruel World

Korpiklanni – Uni

Exit State – Black Veins

Asylum City Zoo Interview Part 1 + Crawl

Reign Of Fury – Envy The Dead

Mastodon – The Motherload

Rival Schools – Used For Glue

Wovenwar – Archers

Bury Tomorrow – Shadow. A Creator

Fearless Vampire Killers – Neon In The Dance Halls

The One Hundred – Downfall

Sleepwave – Through The Looking Glass

Uriah Heep – Rock The Foundations

Suicide Silence – Warrior

Asylum City Zoo Interview Part 2 + Favourite Drug

Weezer – No One Else

Dimmu Borgir – Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse

Fury UK – Death By Lightning


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